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The women behind Our Hen House keep themselves busier than most, but their efforts in animal advocacy make it worth it.

New Park Slope residents Jasmin Singer, co-founder and executive director, and Mariann Sullivan, co-founder and program director, have just gotten even busier though, as they’ve added to a long list of work with their non-profit organization (which includes a podcast and magazine) by launching a new TV show, which is airing on Brooklyn Independent Media.

It’s a truly thrilling time to be doing this, and so we try to remain indefatigably positive with each new opportunity.

Just this past week, we received emails from podcast listeners (who are now TV show viewers) in Nuie Island (we had to look that up — it’s a tiny country sort of near but sort of not near New Zealand), Saskatchewan, Israel, Switzerland, and London.

Our podcast and articles are both focused on how to help, encourage, and celebrate all of the people who are standing up for what’s right when it comes to animals.

Anyway, as soon as Our Hen House started — and we’re in our fifth year now — people starting flocking to it (pun intended).

The show will continue to include a mix of banter, current events as they relate to animals, pertinent and moving videos from those trying to change the world, interviews, food demos, reviews, and various perspectives from those from all walks who are working on animal issues in a variety of capacities.

We also try to bring a whole lot of humor and fun to the show, too, wherever and however we can.

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