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We all were, just because every time they showed me I had more like umbrellas in my hair and I was just kind of having a good old time. She was very close to me and she still is, to this day. It was very interesting to see that happen especially when he had been so nice to me and he still, was always nice to me. And I don”t understand what happened between him and Shirin and why he acted that way towards her. I did have a rough start with Shirin that”s because her and Max came in and disrupted my camp life with doing nothing for a week-and-a-half and that upset me. They never stop talking.” And then once Max was gone it was like, “Okay,” she chilled out a little and then I really got to know her as a person because she talked to other people because she didn”t have Max to talk to. And then I was so happy last Tribal, because I had protected Shirin and kept her in the game and knew that I was gonna go hang out with my friends who weren”t crazy people. And then Shirin”s vote for me had hearts all around it. So I was like, “Hey Jeff, I can”t eat that.” So they put it up for auction. I wouldn”t want them to like me.” Hit Fix: Well as things were getting awkward with Will and Shirin at that Tribal Council there was a sense that no one was really trying to get involved or coming to her defense. Jenn Brown: Well no one came to her defense when it happened in person. But why no one else said anything I don”t understand it. So I think they wanted me to have food with my like six or seven shots of rum in 10 minutes. Watching the episode last night, I was dying laughing. And why Will, when given more than enough chances to apologize, he didn”t?

There were so many great moments out there.” You wouldn't necessarily know about those great moments based on how Jenn went out of the game.

In the ESPN Book, Oliver recalled a moment when Emmitt Smith looked at her and said, “you must have no life.” Oliver told the authors of the ESPN Book: “I had gotten into that creepy area where you’re single and working nonstop around athletes on television.

That’s a double whammy for some insecure men who I didn’t really want to be messing with anyway. I don’t think I even had a boyfriend when I was at ESPN.

In her “Survivor: Worlds Apart” exit interview, Jenn sounds a bit more mellow about her fellow contestants, finding nice things to say about nearly all of them, though she definitely still holds a grudge against Will for his treatment of Shirin. All the exiles eventually come together with each other. Everyone was horrible to each other and there”s a certain point where — Yes, it”s a game and yes it's for million dollars — but like nothing in life is worth how terrible some of these people were to each other. So I would just kind of walk around by myself and if people tried to talk to me I was like, “No, I”m good. Don”t talk to me please.” But then after Joe was gone and after the whole Will incident – first off no one showed how excited I was for the auction because that was literally my favorite thing in “Survivor” ever. I bought a giant bowl of rum punch with fruit in it. If I had been there I would have done something, I like to think.

In our conversation, we talked about her evolving friendship with Shirin, her strategic frustrations with Joe and, most importantly, what the heck she won at the “Survivor” Auction, a giant concoction rendered unintelligible by the episode's editing. I was so disappointed when they voted out Joe, because I thought I was going home. They didn”t show that obviously but yes, we knew they were splitting the votes the other alliance so and then they were going to vote out Shirin when none of us played an Idol. I desperately did not and I was like, “Guys, if you vote for me save Shirin, just do it and everything will be hunky dory.” And so they did and it was great. I would rather do the auction a thousand times than win because I get so – ask my roommate, ask anyone – I flip out every season when they do the auction. We came actually with the steak that Sierra got, but I learned my lesson on another reward that we”d gotten that I cannot eat copious amounts of meat, because I will vomit for 10 hours. And I was like, “Well, they”re all very s****y people so it”s probably good that they don”t like you. And at Tribal Council they were just yelling at each other and I wasn”t there so I couldn”t really put a dog in the fight, you know?

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