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Mc Carthy also recently went through a breakup - on April 6, she and actor Jim Carrey announced they had parted ways after a five-year relationship.He attended and graduated from Monsignor Bonner High School in 1988.While working on his film Malibu's Most Wanted, Kennedy wrote an autobiography entitled, Wannabe: A Hollywood Experiment.The book chronicles his life in Hollywood as he attempts to become a star.People's source declined to confirm how the two met or when they began dating.

He auditioned for over 80 commercials and could not book one.

He is also unlockable as a free agent tight end in season mode.

His stint as Activision's emcee at E3 2007, however, drew much criticism not only for his ignorance of the industry, but also for performing drunk as he insulted the audience.

With rumors he and his hotter than thou girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt were breaking up, Jamie Kennedy stopped into a Hollywood drug store to pick up some essentials like water, an energy drink and rubbers.

By purchasing messy, lubricated inside and out Lifestyles X2 condoms, the 39-year-old is still on a slippery slope.

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