Josh carter sarah barthel dating

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My mom always said it was like a Norman Rockwell painting.

Phantogram is winning over a fleet of new fans with its supremely catchy new single, “Fall In Love.” That’s to be expected. We loved the idea and when the photo shoot was happening for the album cover we decided to ask if he would be interested in directing our music video. JC: Well, I think we're creative people and it wouldn't matter where we were. We had a bunch of kids in the neighborhood and we would just hang out on someone's porch.

I always remembered how much I loved it, so I grabbed it from him. It's one of the last songs I would've expected to be a single because it's a little different, but I'm glad everyone seems to be excited about."We're glad it worked out the way it did, because "Fall In Love" is one of the strongest songs in their live set!

I had a bass synth in mind for it, and it kind of just evolved from there." "Sarah really fought me for that song! "Honestly, because it was a beat, I just wanted to gain some popularity as a band and hopefully get Jay Z or a big name hip hop act on that beat. As for future Phantogram tracks, the duo revealed that collaborations with Danny Brown and Big Boi are on the horizon.

We find that hard to believe, especially given how hot Alexis looks wielding a baseball bat in a schoolgirl outfit. She & Him Status: Married (but not to each other) More than enough has been written about indie dreamboat Zooey Deschanel's classic come-hither good looks, but she's also a pretty good singer-songwriter. Ward brings more than his share of musical talent to the equation.

The pair might sing some love-lorn duets (take their cover of Smokey Robinson's "You Really Got a Hold on Me" for instance) but these two are keeping it on a strictly professional level.

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