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has retimed friiro the University of British Columbia to spend the holi- days lu Victoria and is a guest of her parents. A 'I'HR marriage of Plight Officer I AUrr Irene Loulae Pahrenholtx. The bride was presented with a comage bouquet of chrysan- themums khading (mm pale yellow to deep bronae. 3Q Fine selection of CHAIRS for DAD or ■ lovely BOUDOIR CHAIR for MOTHER or SIS- TER. SILK CUSHIONS Many Color* and Shape* JTk TELEPHONE TABLE «mf CHAIR with leather- ette Met To aeo M poo K boyuig wkic Ji 1 m m M* eisewbefe, arrangement* are being mnde Initial o Sering* of all a*i U* « ibe mmo t in • Munnev in enenre C*ir dtet Hhedon an nna. Orurl Ua Margaret Grace, to WU- 1 fred Oefirge Walton, aecond eon of 2 the i B’e Mr and Mr* George Wal- g ion the wedding to lake place very g 'iiilelly early m January OPEN Al.l. Given away by her father, the bride wore a floor-length gnwn of cream broeade. A Christmas tree held the gifts from the guests who included Mni. whose wedding took place last week In Vancouver, Mm Archie Roger*. LIMED OAK BLANKET CHEST NEST OF TABLES— WO with inlaid top. North j| , Quadra Street, wtah to announce I the engagement ol Uvelr only dnogh- S ter.

on the weciem side of ttie Atlantic word waa anxiously awaited from the United SUtes freighter Pierre I'Enfant which arnt out an 808 from sea last Thurs- day. Naden where the vessel was tied up with other ships of war From Kuropo Day l)V Day — THE TIMIS.

took place 8at- urday last at 8t Luke'i United Church. She car- ried dark velvet red roses Miss Ruth Me Jsnet. He re- tion wits held at the staff oncers' turned to Canada in June. ahurtly khereafier trip to the Seigniory Club and thence The many gueau inrludbd friends to Victoria.

scalloped, sweetheart neckline, basque waist with gathered skirt and a picture hat of cream fur felt and matching plume. and served As the couple left the church they overseas at various stations and at passed through a guard of honor of the end of hostl Ulie* wee command- staff officers of the Lachine R C. Squadron with which he completed Following the ceremony a recep- h U third tour of operatiuns.

"The pho- montha' active service Missing Girl llonir; Tells Weird Story More Sn^ar At ('lirisimns German Gasiiallies 1 o Liiit of 17,000,000 3cent on the Soviet front— in more than five years of war. This casuaii, repori b' the m- tel Ugence branch of ihr German army indicated Hiiler publicly told ihe truth about ihe low prlie in Teutonic Jives he paid !

■ ; ling Poland, but w*«.- an mveterwie , liar tfierrafler. wounded bui an I staled there were TJ9'“4 Vtehr- I nuschl wounded uixt sli . reached I2.000The W'ehr- marht report coverln* Es Ai/rn oper- atlona up to N'lvcmber 3n. l Utad 1 410 728 d xd and suf 0;-0 Mill Uiry men esllmate the wouittl- ed luua Uy number four llmea as many as the dead. 6IUIN Vtt ITHIN EPOCH Pine 1 7 Itwtl Precision J A50 movement m hond - 4L M somely styled cote .

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