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Owing to the great advancements over the years, no wonder it is one of the states in India to have maximum population density.

With over 3 crores of Malayalees populating the Kerala land of over 30 thousand square kilometers of area, it ranks with the states having population density of more than 800, according to the Kerala census 2011.

The population of Kerala forms 2.76 percent of India in 2011. Kerala; the prosperous state at the far edge of the great expanse of Indian land!

It's the ever flourishing land of exquisite beauty and plethora of nature's gifts.

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Total population of Kerala as per 2011 census is 33,406,061 of which male and female are 16,027,412 and 17,378,649 respectively.

Kochi, Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur are some of the major urban areas in Kerala with large population, Thiruvananthapuram being the capital.

That being said, the Population of Kerala, both urban and rural enjoys preserving and enjoying Kerala's ethnicity by following its rich culture full of graceful classical dance forms, traditional carnatic music, martial arts, unique attires, legendary festivals and of course the widespread aroma of coconutty dosas, appams and the delicious seafood!

Literacy rate in Kerala has seen upward trend and is 94.00 percent as per 2011 population census.

Of that, male literacy stands at 96.11 percent while female literacy is at 92.07 percent.

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