Kissing toads and other hazards of dating

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Will I be able to hold both loves at the same time? What I do know is right now we have T-ball practice. ” He drops the bat and throws all of his tiny force into a sprint, rounding first, then second and third, reaching home. Amid reassurances that I was beautiful, my mom also invited me to start race-walking with her through our hilly neighborhood.

Try-outs will be here in a month and I want him to have a fighting chance. We do drills: rolls, pop-ups, batting practice My son swings and connects, it’s not the satisfying crack of a wooden bat but a THUMP of two plastic toys, and the ball whizzes past my head with startling ferocity. Knowing that few things could be harder than climbing steep hills in the hot, pollen-dense north Georgia air, I wasn’t afraid of long walks.

Whether I’m at home, or on public transportation, if I feel a wave of nervous energy or panic coming over me, I go outside and walk for a while, letting my quick, sure steps keep me steady.

When my son was born, he became my walking partner in my adopted home of Paris, France. He seemed to be as invigorated by our walks as I was.

The first question a man always asks when I break it off with him: “Is there someone else? “No, of course not.” I want to tell them the truth.

I don’t introduce my son Thaddeus to all the men I date. He’s sweet as a candy apple when he wants to be and a little jerk on the bad days, but don’t all parents experience a piece of heaven and hell wrapped up in something that can barely peddle a tricycle?

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