Lance armstrong dating rockstar

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Claude, successful in his errand, continues to be employed by Goterelli, who also has him kill a drug dealer and two pimps, before having him drive Misty to Joey Leone's garage.

It's difficult to date a woman who's strong, and who runs a business, and who's gone a lot."Crow has even kept some mementos from her past relationships.

Following the loss, he hands over the pink slip to his black ZR-350 to CJ.

When the two end up racing a second time, Claude loses again, and he hands over the deed his garage to Johnson before leaving San Andreas with Catalina.

Very little is known about Claude's background - he is mute, and possibly suffers from it as a speech disorder.

Assuming he is at least 16 when he races in GTA San Andreas, he was born 1976 or earlier.

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