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“During walking looking for my mother I saw the most horrifying things,” he says.“Dead bodies of children who were as young as one month, their mothers leaving them on the road side running for their own lives; young girls been raped near the dead bodies of the young children.” His aunt’s restaurant was on the road to Gbanga — where rebel leader Charles Taylor had his headquarters — and rebel fighters would stop by to eat.

His home is spare and immaculate; the cream-colored carpet stain-free, the furniture cheap but new.Back in Liberia, where Jacob was born, those short dreadlocks were known as “rebel hair.” Here in New York’s Little Liberia, home to over 6,000 refugees from Liberia’s civil war, Jacob’s dreadlocks mark him as a former child soldier.“It begins in 1990…” Jacob recounts his story to Agnes Umunna, a fellow Liberian who has spent the years since Liberia’s brutal civil war ended in 2003 collecting the testimony of both victims and perpetrators, first as the host of a radio program, then as a statement taker for the Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission.A few have made themselves known, and people within the community have their suspicions, but most hide behind the trappings of their new American lives.Jacob works as a manager of a construction company, goes to church, and leads a relatively quiet life.

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