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- The Best Sounding and Listening Smartphone with Hi Fi Audio - highest quality sound reproduction and amplification of music/video playback and record.- Optimized camera experience takes great still images and video with minimal manual operation- Larger camera, 20 MP rear and 8 MP front facing cameras, for higher quality images - Fingerprint customization - launching apps, taking pictures for security and to launch other application- Beautiful Industrial Design with Continuous Smooth Surface that feels great in your hands Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm Hi Fidelity Sound Performance: Yes Speakers: Yes, dual speaker support Base support material: N-base material Play Back Sound Playback Codecs: Dolby Atmos® Sampling Frequency: 384 k Hz THD N: -112 d B S/N: 120 d B Recording Channel: 3 channel (hi-fi), 1 channel (VAD) Resolution: 32 bit Sampling Frequency: 96 k Hz MIC max input: 2.02 Vpp S/N ADC: 102 d B Conference Mode Directional Recording: Dimensional and Omni Directional Recording Range: Up to 8 meters (approximately 23 feet) Dedicated Audio Chipset: AKM 4961 4490 4961 - Hi Fi main chipset to provide Hi Fi and recording features 4490 - Independent amplifier to enhance Hi Fi playback (AK380) Me and my wife decided to get new cell phones this year.

So instead of buying the cheapest phone from the Cricket store we decided to buy some really nice phones because we use them a lot more now.

Use the swap icon the bottom bar of the conversation to switch between calls.

All and all this was a great learning experience for me. it is straight talk compatible..its working just fine!! it corrupted my sd card 128gb , finger print scanner is sporadic & sometimes very slow or it doesn't work. its not that big of a problem but it still bothers me. I don't know if its because I updated it with it on or what but has not turned off! I am very pleased with your design and development. I would like to test all products you make and stand behind. Avoid using the phone during recharging to prevent the phone from getting too hot. Turn on Bluetooth in Settings and pair with the other device. Open the File Manager app and locate the files to transfer.

I learned that you can purchase two great phones for the price of a Samsung galaxy s7 Edge. Super fast, easy to use, great quality with a great price. they are now sending my 3rd replacement, refurbished ! upgrade to nougat messed up everything including sd card. I tell everyone I know and meet how amazing your products are. Press the power key and volume up key at the same time to go into recovery mode. Use the down volume key to move the highlight to: wipe data/factory reset.

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