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The horror of atrocities in North Korea -- including prison camps, sexual violence and deliberate starvation -- might defy belief had they not been documented, as they were in a recent United Nations report.

Yet the world has very little information about daily life in North Korea, or how its leaders in Pyongyang think, and rumors often fill the gap.

Experts interviewed by The Guardian about the story warned that with few high-level defectors coming out of North Korea, such stories from the heart of the regime are almost impossible to verify. North Korea had officials executed by flamethrower.

Source: Two versions of this story emerged in September 2013.

South Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported that dozens of singers, including Kim's alleged ex-lover, pop star Hyon Song Wol, were executed for making pornography.

The mortar story, he concluded, is probably a deliberately-circulated rumor to intimidate other military officials, due to the triviality of the offense and its reemergence in the media. North Korea produced its own smartphone -- dubbed the Pyongyang Touch.

Source: North Korea's official news agency in August 2013 announced the launch of the North Korean Arirang smartphone, manufactured in the country using "indigenous technologies." Verdict: Dubious.

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