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Others have sworn by grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, or fertility tea blends.

Increasing your general nutrition (plenty of good fats and no refined sugar or flour! Also, there is a supplement called Vitex which will normalize your cycles, promote ovulation, AND fix luteal phase defects (more on that in a minute).

I wouldn’t recommend that women who are EXCLUSIVELY nursing a baby, or nursing a baby much under a year get pregnant again.

There are B-complex supplements, or Brewer’s Yeast is a great whole foods supplement (mix into smoothies, baked goods, or take as a pill).These increase energy and decrease likelihood of neural tube defects and decrease morning sickness.It’s great while pregnant, and not a bad idea while trying to conceive, either!You could simply wait a few months longer to see if your cycle normalizes (chances are, it will, in time).You could try to reduce breastfeeding sessions to see if that helps you start ovulating again.

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