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Zoning regulations often caused shops to be located either on the outskirts of town, or clumped into a single area, creating a type of red light district of adult stores and businesses.Into the 1980s, nearly all American sex shops were oriented to an almost entirely male clientele.The Video Recordings Act 1984 introduced the R18-rated classification for videos that are only available in licensed sex shops. In London, there are few boroughs that have licensed sex shops.In the district of Soho within the City of Westminster a handful of sex shops were opened by Carl Slack in the early 1960s, and by the mid-seventies the number had grown to 59.The latter class of stores tend to be very consciously community-oriented businesses, sponsoring lecture series and being actively involved in sex-related health issues, etc.The first sex shop on the continent of North America was "The Garden".

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While laws differ between states, licensees must abide by strict conditions that commonly require premises to be at least 200 metres from schools and churches.

The Palm Beach Post commented: "Like the chicken or the egg controversy, no one is really sure which came first-the sex boutique or the so-called sexual revolution".

There are no specific laws against using or buying sex toys at basically any age, however there are laws about pornography.

Nevertheless, by 2013 a number of NSW lingerie stores had begun selling adult toys and books in shopping malls without being granted a licence.

The first sex shops in the Netherlands were opened in the early 1970s, by entrepreneurs like Beate Uhse and Lasse Braun.

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