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Owen is living in a happy family with father,mother,elder brothers , sisters and a dog. "We always had confidence in him but we did not expect him to develop at this pace.

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Thanks to funding from The Supporters Club, the project can now recruit more volunteers and instructors, as well expand its facilities and use special equipment that will enable more children with disabilities to enjoy the riding experience at RDA groups across the UK,” says Michael.Michael Owen said about his love : "I Love Louise and we are both very happy together.I'm only 18 and I have hot intention of getting married.The youngsters at the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) were devastated when their only horse died so former jockey Clare, 42, became determined to find them another.While Clare hunted for the right horse for youngsters facing a range of different physical and mental challenges, Michael supplied the horse box to transport the animal to its new home in Carlisle.

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