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Personals can gives you the connection singles are looking for.

If they do send you a message, then after you pay so you can respond, they stop talking.

You will notice this immediately if you ask for a recent picture or simple questions the weather there.. I met the most amazing girl from this site, we were together for about 3-months. I'm a single mother and live in a small town in Canada and I am approaching my mid 40's. I met a wonderful man on Yahoo personals nine years ago. We actually lived in the same town all of our lives and didn't know it. Ive come across some profiles of the same persons using a different Alias. I signed up for a month in July and didn't check my credit card that close. they kept billing me and would not refund money even though I had cancelled, but, alas didn't keep a copy of it.....proof. They keep billing even though you may have signed on for only one month..... Personals has clearly made a business decision not to filter out profiles created in Eastern Europe and West Africa.

So while I DID get a relationship out of this, for the most part I feel like I lucked out. Research & review site before you join any of them!!! My advice save your money & go to a bar, or club with a friend. Oh be careful to if you end up joining a site using credit card.. I think I will read some more reviews before I devote too much time to something like this. You just have to be careful, read the profiles, talk to the person for quite some time before you meet them. Every day I get form letter emails from women who want me to contact them at their personal email address.

They were both just rants about how bad the site is.

Another thing I see on these sites are profiles by russian sounding women who look really hot.

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