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So the club is in far better shape financially, though admittedly it would have been difficult to do worse than the previous hierarchy, whose mismanagement resulted in Liverpool’s future being decided in the High Court six years ago.

They still have hopes of success in the Europa League, having just put bitter rivals Manchester United to the sword at Anfield, but there’s still a long way to go in that competition.

Performances have been inconsistent, the best example being the spanking they administered to City just three days after the Wembley defeat, which is a sure sign of a club in transition.

Indeed, Rodgers put his finger on the challenge at Liverpool: “The club needs to decide whether they want a business model or a winning model.

Some will think it is about buying a player, developing and improving them and then selling them for a much greater fee; as opposed to getting the best possible player, irrelevant of his age, in order to win.”To be fair, Liverpool have spent significant sums on bringing players in, but the recruits have often been of dubious quality.

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