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Two months later, NCIS is carrying on under Bishop’s leadership, although she signs off on the paperwork rather than using it as kindling, as Gibbs does.The DOD has forbidden NCIS from involving themselves in the search for their missing agents, so naturally they obeyed and left the investigation up to other agencies while they busied themselves with filing tasks. Just think: In one more year, our show will legally be able to drive.

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Then we cut to a prison cell, where our brave duo is alive, albeit with a lot more facial hair.SERIES NCIS The murder of a Marine turns out to be connected to an undercover mission Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) worked that involved a dirt-bike gang.Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray, Jennifer Esposito, Emily Wickersham and David...As they’re shuffled through the hallway, they catch sight of a room where people in hazard suits are either handling toxic materials or engaging in cosplay. (Palmer announces that said uranium was smuggled rectally, so take a second to let soak in.) It doesn’t take a big leap to conclude that Zachary may have gotten word about their missing agents, reached out to NCIS, and took two in the chest for his pains.Back in the States, NCIS receives a call that’s interrupted by shots fired. And after Palmer correctly identifies the name of the nightclub stamp on Zachary’s hand (“You guys, I have a life! En route, Bishop reluctantly takes a call from Delilah, who’s alone, pregnant, and terrified for her missing husband.

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