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Although retiring close to the turn of the century, he did agree to several exhibition matches while a student instructor at Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland, Oregon. tall, and his wrestling weight was about 150 pounds.

In one of his final matches, at age 59, Action faced Tokugoro Ito in a jacketed wrestling match at the Grand Opera House in Seattle, Washington on 11 May, 1911. 8 June 1882 2.) Lewis and Acton: “The Strangler Finally Gets The Better of His Famous Adversary,” Chicago Tribune 12 April 1887 3.) “World Catch as Catch Can Heavyweight Title (19th Century)- Puroresu Dojo 2003 Tom Connors (16 February, 1861 – 1939) A Strong Man Who Claimed Highest Honors in the Middle Weight Class. He was a splendid specimen of the fully developed athlete, and had a chest measurement of forty-two inches.

They had two much-ballyhooed, largely attended Chicago bouts in 1886; in the first, Lewis roughly strangled Sorakichi into submission.

He returned to Wisconsin and defeated Ben Knight for the Wisconsin Heavyweight Championship in a Mineral Point match on March 20, 1883.It was a legitimate hold in Evan Lewis’ day, but it was illegal by the time Ed Lewis came along. Ed himself learned it in Chicago and adopted it as a performing hold, something to excite the crowds.That’s how the headlock came to be such a standard hold in the wrestling ring as a cover-up for the strangle-hold or “neck yoke”.By then, “catch”, as opposed to the previously popular disciplines of collar-and-elbow and Greco-Roman, had ascended to primacy in the minds of American pro wrestling enthusiasts.This happened, largely, in the wake of two Chicago confrontations between Lewis and a popular Japanese invader, Matsada Sorakichi.

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