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Pennsylvanian period outcropping of rock at the Meadowcroft Rockshelter Over a long period of time, the geologic agents acted on this hillside and cut out an area that was protected from the elements by a rock roof.This provided a safe place for the earliest Americans to stay while in the area.Tours of the excavation site are regularly offered by the museum and guided by Dr. A broken deer antler punch and to its right a snapped blade in the Miller complex deposits at Meadowcroft. Data uncovered here suggests that early human populations, referred to as Paleo-Indian, entered the New World well before the end of the Wisconsin Ice Age. site has been one of the few locations in North America to have human artifacts dating older than 12,500 years (Pre-Clovis).Besides being a spectacular outcrop of Pennsylvanian age rock, the Meadowcroft Rockshelter offers an in-depth look into the earliest occupants of this region.

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As the climate became warmer and dryer, the Paleo-Indian period gave way to the Archaic.

Paleo-Indian Clovis Points, tools with straight sides with flutes but no notches.

In general, Paleo-Indian were highly mobile and traveled in small groups, exploiting broad regions for food and lithic materials.

Archaic Indian tools with corner notches and shorter points Some of these artifacts included tools made from materials that are not native to this area, such as, Flint Ridge Chalcedony that must have been carried from an area between Newark and New Concord Ohio.

The Meadowcroft Museum features an in depth look into the colorful history of this area, including the Rockshelter.

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