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But after Escobar was gunned down on a Medellín rooftop at the end of season two, Netflix renewed Escobar’s dead, thanks in part to Peña, but the drug business hasn’t changed at all. We’re reintroduced to the Cali bosses: Pacho (the vicious one), Gilberto (the avuncular one), and Miguel (the emo one).

Cocaine shipments still make it to the United States and innocent people are still getting killed along the way. Without Escobar to keep them in check, though, the more professional “gentlemen of Cali” are taking over the whole country — which means they’re becoming a more tempting target for the DEA. There’s also a new Cali partner: Chepe, the head of New York operations. Peña is under the impression that Cali’s previous alliance with the Get Escobar Gang won’t protect them this time around, quipping in the narration that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend, until he becomes my enemy again.” But it soon becomes clear Peña has returned to fight a war no one else wants. ambassador warns Peña that the run-and-gun tactics he used against Escobar — like the time he orchestrated a nightclub massacre — won’t fly anymore.

They’re going to go legit, he assures them, just like bootlegger turned presidential papa Joseph Kennedy!

Instead, Gilberto’s announcement inspires a round of grumbling from lieutenants, who record all of it and deliver the news back to the cartel leaders via Cali’s equivalent of the Stasi.

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