Mo rocca dating

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"Mary from the block...before there was Jenny from the block!

and a Colombian mother from Bogotá, Rocca grew up as the youngest of three in a loving, bilingual household in Washington, D. His mother immigrated to the nation's capital in 1956, when she was 28 years old. He fondly remembers being surrounded by his mother's Colombian friends in DC, recalling one friend named Mary de la Cuatra, whose name is similar to the Spanish word, "cuadra," he points out.To see someone who looks terrified, and kind of hungry and scared, and at the same time it's vicious. Maurice Alberto "Mo" Rocca (January 28, 1969) is an American humorist, journalist and actor."Whenever I would tell people that my mother is Colombian, they would say 'Wow, you don't look it.You look like a WASP, you look British or something.'" Rocca is unsure what factor that played in his identity, but he says he didn't think all that much about actually being half-Latin - he just lived it and loved it.

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