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If someone forced you to describe Real Touch Interactive in just two words, you'd probably call it a "digital brothel." And rightly so, as the North Carolina-based business specializes in teledildonics, wearable gadgets that let people "have sex" through the internet; a technology that lets paying customers connect with consenting partners online.

In 2012, Real Touch was on the rise, getting featured in HBO's .

An agreement was eventually reached with the licensors, but by the time AEBN had signed on the dotted line -- and for something close to the original price -- it was too late for Real Touch. Shortly after the shutdown, Amazon's both aired, sending mainstream interest in Real Touch's products through the roof.

By that point, however, the company had no choice but to exit the market.

AEBN has, so far, refused to throw more money behind the project, and with no cash available to build replacements, Real Touch now sits on a slow train to oblivion.

The company still has a few treasures gathering dust on its shelves, however, including nearly finished second-generation versions of both the Joy Stick and Real Touch.

Real Touch found itself unable to sell its hardware and, what's more, it is now catering to a dwindling group of existing customers.

The backers had pulled out; the factories had moved on; and all Real Touch could do was continue to support its existing customer base with hardware troubleshooting, but not product repair.

"Customers break their devices through wear and tear, but we don't have the ability to replace them," said EJ.

In 2012, Real Touch added a dildo called the Joy Stick to its stable of connected toys.

The Joy Stick had a capacitive exterior that could be used to sense any form of touch.

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