Mobileme gallery not updating

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Members of Mobile Me were given a @email address (though users of the current @email address could also continue to use those, with both domains being interchangeable with the same email account), were also no longer restricted to OS X software such as Mail and i Cal, and they could access personal data from any computer connected to the Internet using the web interface at or a number of supported applications, including Microsoft Outlook, as long as the user used version 2003 or later.

Individual plan was priced at , Family Pack—at 9.

Birthdays Calendar was added on i OS 4.3), but subscription calendars were available to view in Calendar by adding them through Settings Mobile Me had a public photo and video gallery feature.

Photos and videos could be uploaded in the web browser at, synced by i Photo or Aperture on OS X, or uploaded from the i Phone and i Pod Touch.

The Family Pack plan included 40 GB of storage split among one 20 GB individual (primary) and four 5 GB sub-accounts, each sub-account having its own email address, online storage, and being able to use all the Mobile Me features.

Family members also had a Shared folder in their i Disk with which they could share access to data among themselves.

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