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While much of the growing population began spreading throughout Monroe County, the majority lived within the Old Village where the center of government and industry resided.The current county courthouse was built in 1880, although the plot of land it is located on has housed the seat of the county government since 1817. The main industry at the time was Monroe's numerous paper mills along the River Raisin.

He would need to be supervised from 3pm to pm as well. The babysitting would be 1 to 2 days a week and then occasional weekends for us to go out. My husband is always home before 4pm and should not need any assistance on...Today, it is far removed from the rest of the Old Village.On July 4, 1910, then-President William Howard Taft and Elizabeth Bacon Custer unveiled a statue to commemorate George Armstrong Custer, who spent much of his early life living in Monroe. More We are a two parent working household looking for a sitter.The Old Village Historic District is a commercial and residential historic district consisting of the downtown area of the city of Monroe in Monroe County, Michigan.

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