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These functions may not work properly when you deploy a proxy, which would result in a non-functional Nagios XI installation.

database servers) to be modified in a way that negatively affects other applications, and previously installed applications to be automatically upgraded or removed.

The most common resolution requires fixing the config errors in the CCM, writing and verifying the config, and then re-running the upgrade script.

Enumerated steps are below: Due to issues with Cent OS/RHEL 5/6, rrdtool, and the performance graphs, rrdtool may cease to record performance data to RRDs from check_icmp.

The full steps are below: This Process may take a considerable amount of time depending on many RRDs needed to be updated. Once completed, it may take 5-10 minutes for the new datasources to appear in the performance graphs tab (longer if rrdcached is used).

This issue was caused by an extraneous newline "\n" returned at the end of performance data.

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