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Formerly known as the University of London Union (or ULU), the fitness facilities are open to the public, and the pool there is the largest in central London.Emma attends the Sunday Swim, a mixed naked swimming session which is held in association with Naturist London. Emma says, "it's such a lovely feeling swimming with nothing on!"If I am lucky enough to be attending a dinner party with beautiful women, that is always going to be sexy — if they are naked, that will surely enhance that feeling." Clive is explaining to me why he belongs to the Meetup group Naked Masked Dinner Parties.Despite having over 100 members, the group is yet to hold its first event.It's the kind of place where people walk in with no preconceived ideas of what size, shape, or kind of body they’re going to see in there." And are people looking at each other, or are you all oblivious to the nudity? "You take everything in, and you notice things, but you're not staring." I'm not as enlightened as Nick.I went to the Naturist Foundation's Jazz and Real Ale Festival and I purposely took in as little as possible.As admin, Clive explains, "my partner and I love to be naked, but we have two lodgers, otherwise these events would happen at my house, and you would definitely get an invitation." Naked Masked Dinner Parties is just one of the groups offering naked events on Meetup.

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Emma swims naked at Student Central, which is just off Tottenham Court Road." The two-hour time slot runs from noon to 2pm and Emma advises arriving early or late to avoid the busiest bit."You get quite a few people thrashing up and down the fast lane, but equally, you get people who go along to catch up with friends, so there's lots of chatting — it's a very nice, relaxed swim." Emma recommends the Sunday Swim for naturist newbies, explaining that often, to get involved in anything naturist, "you’ve got to take a barrowful of ID and fill in eight application forms! "It's a good starting point for the younger demographic who like to be spontaneous and don't want to jump through a whole pile of hoops!Run by Doria Yoga, prospective participants are assured that, "the studio is equipped with infrared heaters so you will experience the pleasant feeling of warmth all over your body." But why do yoga naked?According to Doria Yoga: "While our society often equates being naked with sex, other cultures have found that being naked removes many social and economic barriers.

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