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A: If they're not on your dick they're in your wallet. A: They were both originally made for kids, but dad ends up playing with Q: What is love? Q: What do you call a wife who can't make sandwiches? Q: Why do wives like to have sex with the lights off? A: Both end with a loud, annoying sound and a gooey mess to clean up.

A: None, it should be opened when your wife brings it to you. I asked my wife to let me know next time she has an orgasm but she said that she doesn't like to call me at work. Q: How can you tell when your husband is well hung?

A: "My wife says..." Q: What do you call the useless piece of skin on a penis? Q: Why does your husband have a hole in their penis? Wife: That's because we have to repeat everything we tell our husbands! Wife: "There's a classified ad here where a guy is offering to swap his wife for a season ticket to the stadium." Husband: (smirks) Wife: "Would you swap me for a season ticket? " Infidelity A guy walks into a bar with a gun and said "Which one of you slept with my wife." and a guy in the back stands up and says "You dont have enough bullets." Dance Floor A husband takes the wife to a night club.

Husband: You know it's a proven fact that women talk twice as much as men! " Wife: "Pass the honey, honey" Husband: "Pass the milk, you cow." Husband: Your a abcdefghijk wife! Husband: You are adorable, beautiful, cute, dim[in a nice way], elegent, funny, great, happy wife. The woman says take off your robe were married now. The woman asks if she can take a picture and the man askes why and the woman says "So I can have it enlarged!

In the first part, I began to talk about how it all began, but in the second - a little distracted and slept with your readers. I was very turned on by the idea that the site is now my story, which I give myself virtually anyone reading it to the man, and the longer it is there, the more I have of men.

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