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"We are glad to have been alerted to this content - and have already removed many of the bands identified today, whilst urgently reviewing the remainder." Deezer said it "does not condone any type of discrimination or form of hate against individuals or groups because of their race, religion, gender or sexuality"."We are in the process of swiftly and actively reviewing the content on our platform and have begun and will continue to remove any material that is in any way connected to any white supremacist movement or belief system." Newshub.On the contrary, if you're a grown man who runs around America with plastic shields saluting an ideology that murdered tens of millions… Promoting happiness and offering a positive distraction, dating might even offer a remedy to those issues.Finally, Bumble's rhetoric seems a little too earnest.In Canada, it's enough to get you banned from public speaking.Bumble has a right to dispose of its platform as it wishes, but the company should tread carefully here.On Thursday (US time) he uploaded a teary video in which he admitted committing violence, but only in self-defence, and said he was prepared to go to jail - though claiming he'd done nothing wrong.And now he's been banned from Ok Cupid, a dating site in the US which claims to have millions of members. We make a lot of decisions every day that are tough.

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"Spotify takes immediate action to remove any such material as soon as it has been brought to our attention," the former said in a statement.A white supremacist who helped organise the controversial 'Unite the Right' event in Charlottesville has been booted off a popular dating site.Chris Cantwell was the subject of a Vice News documentary on the neo-Nazi gathering, which ended in violence when an anti-fascist protester was deliberately run over.It explains that the purge isn't going to happen overnight - it will be an ongoing effort, one that will require our community's help."Together, we can protect our platform from hate." My concern here is that this is just the start.

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