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I have six grandchildren, all very grown and five great-grandchildren. I did not sleep well last night, so slept late and I being lazy so far this morning. Hope you finds lots of bargains at the grocery store. My granddaughter's DH is head Tech for a Palm Beach Gardens Hospital (works for Dell) and I trust him to lead me in the right direction. I have yet to hear from my friend, Sally and most probably it is taking her a good while to get out of the hospital. Yes, I agree that losing one's mate of a lifetime can certainly cause unusual episodes with our physical makeup. Sally is invited to our Thanksgiving dinner at my son's home and I am hoping she does not cancel. Well, off to accomplish 'something' useful, I hope... Each of you should look not only to your interests, but also to the interests of others. My neighbor reads a lot of them and lets me read them. Leona, I think I read The noisy neighbor, but not Dogs in Heaven. I told her the morning glories were at her cousin's house in Ft. Sharon, it sounds like you're settling in with your new computer. So I now fill 5 advent calendars each year - and it takes a lot of time. It was a great success last year them opening a small gift daily . Have been busy much of the day and am going to watch NCIS before going to bed. She does not have a Spark People page yet so could not send her a Welcome goodie or make her a friend. No, no haircut today as the place was closed for just today, the only day I had to get it trimmed . I am so used to it after 78 years of doing it that I guess I just don't feel them at all.Three of them live an hour from me and two live in Hawaii. I do have to go to the bank and dollar store later today. Leona, I am sure the new pictures on your i Phone brightens up your day. Those gift cards, though, mostly have only on them. I have seen a couple of Barns made into lovely homes when I lived in Upstate NY. It is a week off and so she most likely will attend. Be good Doris Morning ladies, Waving to all I am flying through as I need to get ready for appointment and then Stretch/Flex class this morning. Worth and the seeds were from her great-grandmother so she fixed the pictures so her picture and the morning glories are on the same page. Just a quick note, now, and I'll try to come back later - this is a bit of an upside-down week. This year, I lucked out, finding sets of small super-hero figures for the boys and some mini-animals for Mag Pie, so all of those to be wrapped. Good Night and God Bless Sweet Dreams Stay Safe and Warm. Ha, I just had a thought, perhaps I could not sleep well without them in my hair! My friend, Sally went to our close hospital with chest pain very early this morning and I did not hear of it until about mid-morning when I was in a store buying yarn.I realize we must see Thanksgiving Day first but do tell me which treats you make for the holidays. I attend lectures weekly, am a member of the church Praying Needles that meets weekly making lap robes and shawls for the ill and needy. Doris- I am sure my heart attack came from the stress of losing my husband and might be the cause of your friend's problem. I made sure our family pictures were on them and not another family. Take care, Leona Leona doc took me off of bananas because of too much potassium. I don't know why I am getting the spasms as I have magnesium and potassium so I should not be getting them.I work with a first grader once a week to listen to him read to me and help him understand his words. I have grocery shopping today so have to go make a list then a wake later. We have changed our logo so people will know we are not only a writing board, but a weight loss one too. Do you still go to the car functions now at this time of year? Moving and being close to family is a good idea I personally think. I also get back and rib pain and it could be coming from my degenerated disc.Rainy wet and damp here, so nasty guess I should be thankful it is not snow, although I did snow a bit also, got my DTE Energy bill was more than I feel it should be since I am the only one here!

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Good of your son to help the troops Leona, my 15 year old grandson is taller than me his sister has a couple of inches to go Enjoy your trip Shirley Thank you Maureen & I go now sleep well friends An old friend stopped by and by the time she left, I was busy getting dinner ready, feeding the dogs, folding wash and then sorting my medications into those little weekly boxes so I can take them with me. Have a carton of Avon sitting to be opened and prepared for delivery in the next day or two. I said I could have done it but he said the box was too heavy I was glad to see him He bought those little spinners that are popular now.

My third son came to see me for a few minutes today.

Of course a few of them won't be there and I will miss them, but I will surely enjoy all those that are. lol Irene, I love your outlook on life and "Age is just a number". You appear to have quite the personality and I have a feeling we would be quite the friends if we lived near each other.

It is now getting late and I still haven't packed so I will bid you all ado until next Monday. It is several items that have been on back-order for a week or so. There are about 500 and he said he will give some to our Troops.

I am not much of a baker for Christmas goodies , Usually go to a bake shop here in town for Cookies. All my grandkids are taller than me which is not hard to do. I have a friend that works there; we were very close to her parents. Years ago his son went all over the Minnesota State Fair and collected things to send the Troops.

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