No traffic jams dating

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From Osodi, an industrial and market area, to Ikeja, Lagos' state capital, is 12 miles and about 40 minutes drive on a clear road.

Sometimes, it can take up to eight times that long.

There are no definitive statistics on exactly how many people commute to the island every day, but it’s certainly many thousands.

The commute means that, midweek, work and sleep is a seamless, never ending cycle, as the journey leaves little time for anything else.

The problem is, it’s so difficult to imagine it will.

Nigeria’s population is growing rapidly, and Lagos is Africa's fastest growing city.

In Lagos, traffic is ingrained in the city's psyche: an unavoidable stencil on daily life.

In a sense the traffic in Lagos parallels the weather in London.“Okadas”, motorbike transport, weave through and around the gaps and potholes and veer incomprehensibly close to the open gutters that flank most streets.The impatience of Lagos motorists gives the traffic an unhelpful volatility. On side roads the potholes act as de facto speed bumps, only more frequent and more damaging. Nonetheless it is difficult to imagine it being much different.Step 7: Take the train Switch to public transportation whenever you can.You'll save money, aggravation, and the environment—and you can read the paper—all at once!

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