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Step 7: Take the train Switch to public transportation whenever you can.

You'll save money, aggravation, and the environment—and you can read the paper—all at once!

Many rely on the “go slow”, Lagos slang for a traffic jam, in order to sell to frustrated motorists.

You can buy anything from drinks and sausage rolls, to sunglasses, lightbulbs and kettles.

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Step 4: Get traffic updates Check traffic reports just before you hit the road and adjust your route accordingly.Hopping from bus to bus, sellers pitch books and church events and all-purpose medicines, some promising to simultaneously cure headaches and premature ejaculation. Selling is a feature of travelling, largely because side-selling and entrepreneurialism is so prevalent in Nigeria, but also because people stuck in barely moving cars and buses are there for the killing.In a sense the traffic in Lagos parallels the weather in London.Young boys use it to find buses with huge cargo inside, climbing onto the back to offer the owner help to take it home for a fee.People sell outside vehicles, but they sell inside them, too.

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