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Through the program, consumers who have bank accounts can e-file their taxes and request direct deposit for their refunds, and in most cases get them in 21 days or fewer.Consumers who don't have accounts can e-file and have their refund put on a prepaid card, including a prepaid or payroll card they already have, Wu says.Taxpayers might keep more of their own tax refund money in their pockets this year because banks no longer make the costly loans often advertised by tax preparation companies as rapid refunds.But consumers watch out: other quickie loan products might be even worse."You file your tax return and then they will call you and say, 'Sorry, you're not approved for the RAL.

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"This is a disguised loan and a nonbank RAL." Watch out for 'shady' tax preparers In 2012, the U. Department of Justice and other officials sued certain tax preparers for a variety of unsavory practices, including offering refund anticipation loans to get consumers in the door as a bait-and-switch scheme.Also, consumers claiming certain education tax credits will have to wait about two weeks longer (around mid-February) to file.And, unlike last year when the IRS predicted that many taxpayers would receive their refunds within 10 days, the agency this year states that most taxpayers will get their money within 21 days.The customer has two days to back out without incurring fees.Within 48 hours of the return being accepted by the IRS, the company issues the taxpayer a check.

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