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If you feel like the technology for videoconference calls hasn’t changed much in the past few years, get ready to be impressed.

Lately, more tech companies are bringing high-end or futuristic videconferencing features to average consumers.

It feels a little like something you’d see in a futuristic movie. First, it hides anything you don’t want people to see in your background, like piles of dirty laundry, a living-room floor covered in kid toys, or the, uh, bathroom walls (admit it).

Second, a floating bust takes up a lot less real estate on your computer screen than a video chat window, freeing up space for you to continue working on other things, or to share your screen without feeling squeezed.

The company points out that this is significantly less than some alternatives.

For example, Skype for Business works with a Polycom CS5100 camera to give people a 360-degree HD video, but this setup costs around ,000, plus the monthly fee for this Skype service.

(Also, Pana Cast won’t be available in production units until late July.) Considering the 3-D camera requirements with Personify and the fact that Pana Cast isn’t out yet, these solutions aren’t going to change your videoconferencing life tomorrow.

I made a few long video calls using Personify, and found the results immersive and entertaining, but frustratingly spotty.Neither of these is without limitations, but they offer an encouraging look ahead.Personify is a free desktop app (download here) that uses computer vision and imaging technology to capture just your head and shoulders, creating a floating bust of you on the screen.Huskies Dig Pet Chatz We love our Pet Chatz camera!It’s a great way to check up on our two Huskies while we are gone.

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