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(Also, Pana Cast won’t be available in production units until late July.) Considering the 3-D camera requirements with Personify and the fact that Pana Cast isn’t out yet, these solutions aren’t going to change your videoconferencing life tomorrow.But one thing is for sure: Your video calls stand a good chance of becoming a lot more accommodating and high-tech in the near future.Currently, three Lenovo PCs ship with Personify pre-installed, but anyone can download the desktop app for free — as long as their device has an Intel Real Sense 3D camera.Two standalone 3-D cameras also work with Personify: The 9 Asus XTION Pro Live and the 5 standalone Prime Sense Carmine 3-D camera, though the latter is harder to find.Pana Cast plugs into USB 2.0 and 3.0 on Windows (7 or 8) and Mac OS X, but requires recent-generation computers, like Windows PCs running Intel’s core i3 or better.

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It’s a 5 standalone USB camera that captures a 180-degree view of the room in 4K resolution with stereo sound.

It feels a little like something you’d see in a futuristic movie. First, it hides anything you don’t want people to see in your background, like piles of dirty laundry, a living-room floor covered in kid toys, or the, uh, bathroom walls (admit it).

Second, a floating bust takes up a lot less real estate on your computer screen than a video chat window, freeing up space for you to continue working on other things, or to share your screen without feeling squeezed.

On one hand, the floating head thing looks really cool.

Two other people and I virtually gathered around a green felt table for a game of Poker Stars.

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