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Lib Pkg) and a DBLink file used to provide the linking from library components to component records in the external database.

Updates are performed from a schematic document using the Update Parameters From Database command, available from the main Tools menu. Use this dialog to choose which schematic documents and component types you wish to include in the update. The external database will be queried for matching components.

The source library must be part of a library package (*.For example, a blue triangle in the corner of a cell means that a difference has been detected between the value of a parameter in the Altium Designer component and the same parameter in the linked database record.There will be a full listing of all available cell states in the dialog allow you to fully control which updates to proceed with and which to reject.Enable those documents whose components you wish to be considered in the update.As you enable/disable entries in the Schematic Sheets list, the constituent physical components will be listed in the Component Types region of the dialog.

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