Oruchuban ebichu sex

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From Ayanami: A very unique, funny manga that follows the exploits of Ebichu, a talking female hamster with a dirty mind.

This manga includes sexual dialogue, some nudity, and the occasional sex scene. It's all pretty lighthearted, but if any of this stuff offends you, don't read it.

Ebichu's life consists of thankless housework, cheese, an astonishing lack of anything remotely resembling tact, an unfortunate tendency to interrupt O. and Kaishounachi in flagrante delicto, and getting beaten violently.

Around this core swims a sea of perverts, private moments made public, illicit liasons, promiscuity, and the odd side character who finds Ebichu sexually attractive. The show was originally part of an anthology series (Ai no Awa-awa Hour) and each episode is approximately eight minutes apiece.

His adventures will lead him to a variety of workplaces including a computer firm, noodle shop, and even an animation studio, where his seemingly perverse attitude always tends to get him into trouble with the opposite sex. But despite the fact that Negishi hates DMC's music, the Krauser side of him will do anything to put on a good show for his fans... After Okojo-san (a feisty ferret) deftly escapes from the local pet store, Siawase Apartment will never be the same!

Armed with long claws and a razor-sharp wit, Okojo-san finds adventure with a mouse sidekick. Haré and his mother live peacefully in the jungle, until one day the boy is overtaken by a omnipotent shadow.

I, like many other people, had never heard of this anime for the longest time.

An obscure Gainax comedy show about a talking hamster? That was until a friend of mine showed me the famous scene from the show on You Tube, simply titled "Manko" https://m.youtube.com/watch? I don't know about you, but that was enough to sell me on adding it to the PTW.

The result was a frequently hilarious, incredibly irreverent show whose short format perfectly suited the rapid-fire verbal and visual zingers.Later, he awakens to find Guu, a strange girl with even stranger abilities - notably, the ability to switch from a cute, lovable Guu, to a menacing delinquent who eats everything. If the above statement seems utterly harmless, then I congratulate you on not being a filthy minded perv.Now Haré must live with Guu, and lead a normal life, despite her oddities. For those who started picturing lewd acts in your head, number one: seek help, and number two: welcome to the world of Ebichu!The show is done in a simplistic art style, and its sexual content is played for laughs rather than for fanservice. can not only buy you a cute hamster; it also get you a devoted housekeeper who will cook, clean, put on suntan lotion, and cheer you on when your relationships get stale! Then picture what life would be like if anybody who calls your house gets to know the contents of your underwear drawer!

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