Outlook gal not updating in cached mode speed dating questions friends

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The Outlook cached mode feature was designed to reduce network traffic between the Outlook clients and the Exchange server.It also creates a faster response time of the Outlook client (especially when opening large attachments) and gives the ability to work offline.

Another option is to only disable the Global Address List from being included, so it will also be a live copy from the exchange server.

It's possible that you're looking for the new users before your interval period has expired.

To additionally complicate things, the OAB on the server is by default generated once per day, at midnight.

If your company hosts its email system using Microsoft Exchange, you have the benefit of a centrally-managed address book called the Global Address List, or GAL.

Maintained by your IT department and stored on the Exchange server, the GAL usually contains names, addresses and email information for everyone in your organization with a company email address.

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