Paraplegic dating website

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We see so much more when we open ourselves up to it.And most never will, but, I am sure you will meet that one person that sees into you. Take care, Eira30I would have no problem dating someone in a wheelchair, But to be honest I have no clue what your going threw.. I can add this, there is a nice man iv talked with the other day in my area who' looking for friends (i think? Maybe he would be up to talking to you and give you some ideas how he got/getting threw what you are?I think it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out here as well as taolk about your feelings and difficulties in finding someone suitably accepting of your handicap.You are totally right, you are the same beautiful person you were before your tragic accident.

The problem is, that you have not yet adapted to it. To adapt to the new person in the new circumstances that you are in.My reponse to her is as follows: OP some people are jerks and they don't realize that we all have handicaps in one form or another. I have looked at your pictures and read your profile. I would e-mail you but I don't fit you requirements.If I wasn't married I for one would ask you out on a first date. I am so sorry and touched by your post and threads about dating disabled people in general.The one who will love you will only see the beauty within you.My brother is in a wheelchair after a motorcycle accident, and people treat him differently then before.

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