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After that I waited for a few weeks and got the call. Catherine is a woman who has a great position in the drama of the story.She has tremendous dignity and courage which appealed to me greatly.The pair will join thirty artists and actors, including Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and Wolfgang Tillmans, to reflect on Oscar Wilde’s incarceration for homosexuality Patti Smith and Ai Weiwei will be part of a thirty-strong showcase of artists and actors gathering at Reading prison to commemorate the incarceration of the jail’s most famous detainee – Oscar Wilde.The Irish playwright, novelist, essayist, and poet was jailed for the crime of “homosexuality” from 1895-97.Elsewhere, new works specifically commissioned for the project will be displayed from artists including Wolfgang Tillmans, Robert Gober and Jean-Michel Pancin.Steve Mc Queen will also share a new installation from inside the cells.

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Catherine was not quite a martyr, but she was a fascinating figure.

Here we have this charismatic wonderful man surrounded by women, all of whom have been buried in history.

Claire understood these characters, through her letters and diaries and any piece of paper, she exposed us to some shocking truths about what it was like to be a woman in 1864.

In the 19th century you had to make a marriage to have any security at all, Nelly’s mother [played in the film by Kristin Scott Thomas] was a struggling woman who was no longer able to provide for her daughters, she was desperate, Catherine too was absolutely desperate having been through ten pregnancies, suffering bouts of physical exhaustion and depression that couldn’t even be diagnosed, and young Nelly, loves him and he loves her, but none of them are happy. You’re right, and watching the film I truly hated him.....Ralph gives us a sense about what was so wonderful about him; his dynamism, his genius, you can understand why these women bothered with him at all! Even buried under that awful beard and in full Dickens’ costume, Ralph looks very’s because the eyes are still there, the piercing blue eyes.

(laughs)Speaking of Ralph, I couldn’t help but notice that essentially in the film he plays a director.

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