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Software encoder: just aroun 6 memory being used and 100% of all cores of the CPU. Let me try and answer your earlier questions first. I am assuming I am using software encoding it as when I try and encode in AVC or H.264 format or even MKV it asked me to enable 'Hardware Acceleration Encoding'. For the purposes of testing, I am just trying to re-encode another movie - a non HD movie. All I did was removed the ads from the file using Power Director and recoded in MP4 format. This is the file that I am now just re-encoding it in MKV format - 1920 * 1080 (50p). Has so far done 1.5 hours - its just under half done. Yes I do have Avast anti Virus and Comodo Firewall both working. I do not install any programs on the SSD - it is exclusively reserved for OS. I don;t think that an upgrade would be of much help.Edit: I have 12 G RAM Tell us more bout the encoding crashing. All programs are installed on a logical partition on another physical Hard Drive. I will also try and update my driver for the video card from ATI later tomorrow! After you update your video card drivers, let us know if encoding with hardware (aka video card GPU) is any faster.I just bought another another 12 gb of DDR3 1600 Mhz ram - 3 sticks of 4 gm ram. Carl312 - I will perform those diagnostics at home tonight and send the stuff to you late this evening - Melbourne time.I was hoping to be able to edit a HD video that I recorded from the TV. Best regards Deepak Diagnostics of your computer please: Part A and Part B you have a 32 bit version of Powerdirector, PD will only use about 2-3 GB of RAM. Stevek - All I was trying to do was remove the ads from the TV clip that I had recorded - nothing else - then produce the movie maybe in another format - preferably mp4!Girante vortex elettropompe elettropompe sommergibili accessori per elettropompe Valvole di rietegno a palla Pompe sommerse valvole a palla saracinesca valvola a clapet Piede di accoppiamento Stazione di pompaggio pompa acque chiare uso domestico Stazione di sollevamento Elettropompa con trituratore Pompaggio acque fangose Vasca recupero acque products are used for the indoor rainwater collection and/or for the evacuation of domestic wastewater. Water games and any other problem related to the movement of water in general.

Since being introduced in 1992, Datatag has recorded many significant successes in theft reduction.

There should be a control setting that would stop this type of rescanning activity.

Are you using other than the SSD to store your resources and temporary files?

Once the hire company realised what had happened they quickly reported the crime to Action fraud.

Read More MCE BSB has a huge following of fans who follow the championship around the UK, and that is a testament to the teams and riders who push themselves and their bikes to the limit, whilst never forgetting that they're racing to entertain the massive crowds at the circuits.

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