Photo viewer keychain updating

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I'm not exactly a Gentoo user, but I wanted to reply to this thread because I found it while googling on the subject.I got it to work under Windows, and it actually works like a charm.That's why we ask you to enter BULKRATE as a coupon code to manually activate the rates. If you are looking for wholesale prices please feel free to contact us.Please note that Deal Extreme Forums are not a sales or product support board.There are no devices under /dev/sda (eg /dev/sda8).I even tried to mount /dev/sda but that didnt work either. I installed the supplied windows software under wine, but it didn't work, the software couldn't find the device._________________"I thought she'd steal my heart, instead she stole my kidney, and now its for sale, on the black market in Sydney" - Better Abraham I bought one in a toy shop while on a shopping spree for the holidays. It is just an interface for the device Progress udev rule sitronix for gz, (specific for sweex keychain photoframe) from Johnny Ong Streum: KERNEL=="sd*[!

Test with dosfsck (Remi Suinot) dosfsck /dev/sda dosfsck 2.11, , FAT32, LFN Currently, only 1 or 2 FATs are supported, not 0.When synchronizing, it writes as follows: * 512 bytes to offset 25088 * 32758 bytes to offset 26112 * 512 bytes to 25088 * reads 512 bytes from 45056 and does so for every picture added.From the screen it looks like a 32x32 graphical screen, and while it's possible there's a 32-bit image in each block of 32KB, I think 32KB (32x32x32) seems a bit much for one image. sitronix-dpf sourceforge digital photo album (flasdisk) with clock, usb vendor id 1403 and product id 0001.The application writes 512 bytes to offset 25088 on the device, and it then reads 64KB from 45056. I don't have a tool handy to find out the bytes that are sent and those that are read, so I'm not going further into that right now.

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