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Concerns have also been expressed about sock puppets exhausting the supply of easily remembered usernames.

In addition a recent research paper demonstrated that people behave in a potentially more aggressive manner when using pseudonyms/nicknames(due to the effects of Online disinhibition effect) as opposed to being completely anonymous.

The pseudonym of unregistered users is their IP address, which can, in many cases, easily be linked to them.

Other registered users prefer to remain anonymous, and do not disclose identifying information.

A pseudonymous user who has acquired a favorable reputation gains the trust of other users.

When users believe that they will be rewarded by acquiring a favorable reputation, they are more likely to behave in accordance with the site's policies.

Typically, the protected pseudonymous channel exists within a broader framework in which multiple vulnerabilities exist.As a result of this pseudonymity, historians know that the papers were written by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay, but have not been able to discern with complete accuracy which of the three authored a few of the papers.Pseudonymity has become an important phenomenon on the Internet and other computer networks.The continuum of unlinkability can also be seen, in part, on Wikipedia.Some registered users make no attempt to disguise their real identities (for example, by placing their real name on their user page).

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