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We certainly have the capability to create the services that can help them, and I hope that we seriously consider doing so.-David Erickson I really want to help create something like this!I have used several of the modern online dating websites including ldssingles, ldsplanet, and most recently Zoosk.What do you think it would take to get their approval without a working prototype?I have some ideas about user management and access controlled by YSA bishops.

Hello-One of the major goals of the church is to support and assist its single adult population in finding a spouse so they can enjoy the blessings of a temple marriage.Whatever I develop, I don't want it to turn into a "hook-up" site. Even in our dense Utah communities young single adults get frustrated.The church universities and those with large institute and FHE programs are awesome because they provide so many opportunities to meet so many people.In these areas, the dating pool for a single adult is very, very small.As a case study, I have a sibling at a major University on the east coast of the US, he is in a singles branch, with on the order of 10-20 people total in the branch.

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