Promoting safe dating handout

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While confiding in a close friend at work is usually okay, sharing too much information with the entire office is not.

Be judicious about whom you talk to, particularly when it comes to discussing problems you are having with your spouse or other family members.

One person's success reflects well on everyone in his or her workplace. If your colleague rejects your offer, don't push it. While you may be tempted to tell your cubicle neighbors what you heard about Suzy or Sam down in accounting, gossiping makes you look like a middle school student.

If you know something you simply must share, tell someone who has nothing to do with your workplace, like your sister, mother, or best friend. If you complain incessantly about your workplace, it will bring others down.

Many cashiers, maintenance workers, and waitresses can demonstrate a high level of this trait, although these occupations require minimal training and employees have modest earnings.

An equal number of doctors, lawyers, and engineers—often called professionals—can display very little.

Don't apply for it at all or submit an application that reflects your real skills.

Whether you have to dress up for work or you can wear more casual clothes, your appearance should always be neat and clean.

A wrinkled suit looks no better than a ripped pair of jeans does.

Unless you know it is okay in yours, refrain from using foul language, particularly if those who you might offend are present.

Here's a good rule of thumb to follow: If you wouldn't say it to your grandmother, don't say it at work.

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