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debugging facilities, it’s even possible to add these formatting rules to the commands you enter.

You can execute arbitrary CLI programs as part of displaying your prompt, adding their output to it.

When you’re working on your Linux or Mac OS X system’s command line, the prompt is the text to the left of the commands you enter.

I did try changing shell to bash to see if that was simply the issue but I still get the same problem. I can confirm that for me (zsh 5.0) the line as copied from the README works unmodified.

The same should also be true for most versions of zsh 4.x (hopefully no one is on earlier versions, for their sake).

Bash is the default shell on Mac OS X, available for all (or most) Linux distributions, if not already included, and available on Windows via Cygwin.

The second line is my default continuation prompt: A greater-than sign, followed by a single space.

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