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Most AR-15s including RRA are chambered for the NATO jamie...couldnt of said anything any better than you did...also offer a wylde chamber which aids in extraction and it improves accuracy. Also about the feeding issues of the AR-15, ones I have had in the past have needed good ammo however I have owned two RRA AR-15s and the first one I shot wolf steel ammo through and not one problem great guns. But I did get a chance to hold some kind of .223 in my hands the other day. and the wylde chamber accepts .223rem and 5.56 NATO ammo. I however dont so that with my newest one due to having to clean it every 20 rounds because the ammo is so dirty! For anyone that is trying to buy a rifle right now knows that 1 week is an exceptional wait time since Rock River Arms and other various places are backordered for at least 6 months. Rifle shot 1 MOA at 100 yards as advertised and fed flawlesly.Now is the time to buy as these kind of weapons are on the current administrations hit thanks jamie..check with him tomorrow.

AK-47 Pros: Rugged and reliable Cheap ammo Cheaper initial cost Higher energy roundrequires little maintence Cons: Not as accurate Not as ergonomic Stigmatized heavily in this country AR-15 Pros: Highly accurate Very easy to shoot More customizable AR-15 Cons: High maintence Less effective cartridge Prone to cycling errors with low grade ammunition I thought they both shoot .223's. I'd like to know what I'm buying if they're prone to jamming/malfunction. Blown I will send you an email either today or tomorrow. The Remington .223 is actually a commercial cartridge that shares the same dimensions and has similar performance as the NATO 5.56X45mm. Too much over 80 million gun owners I dont think it is possible nor logical for the government to take away peoples guns. Not that it doesn't happen, but it is far less then handguns.

Some of you know that I currently work at Rock River Arms.

I have done some favors for a few of you on here, but I'd like to you guys know that I'm actually going to be "working" after hours for my supervisor who also owns his own gun business. Im going to be taking orders and answering questions for him through emails because he just can't keep up with the demand right now.

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