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During the Japanese colonial period (1910-1945) Korean pottery as an art form, all but died out.

To be sure, white porcelain and some brown porcelain was still produced but it was of a lower quality for daily use and not considered art in itself.

Since that time they have made great progress in re-discovering the lost art and today are nearly able to reproduce the stunning beauty of the original Koryo celadon.

The aesthetic beauty of the the early Koryo celadon lies in its subtle beauty and elegant simplicity.

The quietness and subtlety of Korean pottery are said to show the quintessence of the Oriental spirit: its quiet elegance, simplicity of form and style of make have been compared with the profound and exalted spirit of Zen Buddhism.... It can be seen in the delicate latticework of cracks visible under its glaze, called crazing, and in the deep jade-green color.

The forms of these wares have an instant appeal to one's heart; their colours have unique transparent depth, and their freely carved decoration is no less affecting... The shapes derived from nature such as those representing the human form further enhance its appeal.

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The longer one looks at its rich color the more beautiful it appears.The level of fine quality and beauty they were able to achieve in their work surpassed that of other countries and came to be revered by even the Chinese for it's elegant, yet simple beauty.The Koryo Royal Court also used some of the finest examples of celadon pottery in their palaces both as vessels for daily use and as objects of fine art.So impressed were the Chinese scholars that they called Koryo celadon one of the 10 treasures of the world, while the Chinese artisans described its color as "beyond description".Though its beauty can hardly be described to someone who has not seen or experienced it in person, the following descriptions by early 20th Century scholars come close.

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