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During an interview on the 2016 VMAs red carpet Sunday, Ariana spoke with MTV News reporter Gaby Wilson to clarify the song wasn't about riding a stationary bike but instead about riding a stationary dick. In a tweet Tuesday, the actress explained her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, had just told her "'Side to Side' is about getting railed so hard you can't walk" — and she couldn't contain all of her emotions about it.

A verification SMS will be sent to your phone - these were not working worldwide the first day, but now appear to be - and Duo should be smart enough to pick up the code from the SMS and input it inside the app. If you've ever used Whats App, you'll quickly spot the similarities.

Definitely don't care for this product but I do like some of the other products in the line such as the volumizing hair spray.

is it normal for my boyfriend to have pictures (not naked ones) of other girls in his phone? Or enough to compile an entire book titled Women I Plan on Hooking Up With?

He claims I’m the only girl for him, but the pictures confuse me. But in all seriousness, the subjects of these photos matter quite a bit. I really wouldn’t worry about a couple of pictures if he’s got a reasonable explanation for them – but there’s really no excuse for a giant collection. You’ve already established that the girls in the pics are clothed, which is obviously a great start.

I mean, I don’t have pictures of other random guys in MY phone, so is this like a guy thing? In order to determine whether or not your boyfriend’s photos are an indication of any funny business going on, I first need to pose three diagnostic questions: 1. You’re in good shape if the photos are of his mother, sister, or first cousin (If it’s his second cousin who lives in certain parts of the country… If he’s fawning over screenshots of random models on Instagram, he’s just a regular dude. I’d be especially suspicious of his extra-curricular activities if he’s harboring more than just a few shots of the same girl, no matter what his story is. But what are the ladies doing, and where was each photo taken?

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