Rockstar social club 100 not updating

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https://socialclub.r...areer/checklist Just to completely eliminate the browser-- try logging in with a different browser....

https://socialclub.r...areer/checklist Same thing when I login from a different browser.

Rockstar Games Support has escalated my ticket but there's no response for almost a week now. a random guy told, that it maybe could be for using cheats. Das Problem hat seinen Ursprung wahrscheinlich in Ihrem Browser oder dessen Einstellungen und gespeicherten temporären Dateien. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Pop-Ups nicht geblockt werden: Sollte dies nicht zum Erfolg führen, probieren Sie bitte einen anderen Browser aus, um zu sehen, ob dies das Problem löst. i asked in my crew wich player have also already 100% done.

i used it too, to get the golden peyote or for the ufo. Bitte versuchen Sie folgende Schritte für den jeweiligen Browser um zu sehen, ob dies das Problem behebt. Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihr Browser auf dem neusten Stand ist: 2. Stellen Sie bitte ebenso sicher, dass Sie Adblocker für unsere Seite ausgestellt haben und schalten Sie auch für die Dauer des Versuchs einmal Ihr Antivirenprogramm aus. so i looked at the profils, and on start screen it shows 0%, and when i click on the checklist they loads till detach. when i compare with other players, it shows me a "negative" value.

I don't know why Rockstar neglected to track everything in Social Club, but it is a bummer. There's no indication that you've already done a jump, and if you haven't done one, sometimes you can jump pretty much successfully and not trigger it.

So it's entirely possible to sit and attempt a jump 50 times and not know if you're doing it wrong or if you've already done it.

i have the 100% but not all randoms (im working on this) so i realized that since a few weeks the checklist wont load. i searched through the complicated R*-Support-Forums and found a suggestion.

Either people are just way too lazy to check or everyone is playing on a pirated version of the game in which case they can't view the Social Club Checklist anyways. If you load a Savegame with 100% before the Mission "the last" the Checklist loads!I seriously think that the fault is with their website because when I start a brand new game, the checklist loads perfectly fine.But when I reload my 100% complete game save, I can't view the checklist anymore, even if I download someone else's 100% game save, the checklist on the Social Club website will not load.For the jumps and flights, I used the IGN GTA5 map and wrote down the numbers of the jumps/flights as I completed them.It's still a very manual process, but it's the best I could come up with.

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