Rockstar social club 100 not updating to liquidating

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there is de facto something really wrong with 100% players Just to completely eliminate the browser-- try logging in with a different browser....

It sounds as if it is an issue with the save file if a new save file works and the old one does not-- FYI-- I play on PS3 and was able to load up someone elses save file on it and it synced up to the social club and when I reloaded my 100% save it synced up that save too-- I can still currently view my 100%.

11/09/17 Discord has recently chosen to delete our 1,000 member discord server for violating the cheating programs/software clauses of their To S, so for a time, only verified customers and trusted people have access to our Discord community. All service and lobbies are temporarily down, pending updating and retesting of our mod scripts 7/1/17 Instead of 2k ambient drops, a self 15mil & 10k special mission entity loop method will be used to make things speedier.

8/30/17 All mod services, including RP, money drop, and unlocks, have been updated and tested thoroughly. All orders come with any rank set 127-217, max skill stats (Strength, shooting, stealth & flying) and unlocking LS customs if desired.

and the /14 is written at every player which i compare.

The other day I only had to complete "The Last One" Strangers and Freaks mission to have everything completed on the Social Club Checklist.

But after completing it, I'm no longer able to view my Checklist on the Social Club website.

Because it would really explain a lot if I'm not the only one and that the fault is over on the Social Club website. i have the 100% but not all randoms (im working on this) so i realized that since a few weeks the checklist wont load. i searched through the complicated R*-Support-Forums and found a suggestion.

but it dont know what happens with my solo-save-games then. https://..icles/202892738 and isnt this the same like the ingame function via POS1 - i have this bug as well as some other players.

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