Romanian bones radiocarbon dating

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"Obtaining these results and corroborating them with those of the 2004 campaign on one hand, and those obtained in other sites (Mladec, Cioclovina, Muierii Cave) on the other hand, will bring new proof regarding the moment the first modern humans came to Europe and their anatomy", said Sorin M.

Scientists have confirmed that bones found in the Czech Republic represent the earliest human settlement in Europe.The collection of bones, which include samples from two males and two females, was excavated from the site of Mladec more than a century ago.Scientists have until now failed to date the fossils accurately.The human remains were discovered in the Mandible Hall and on the Ancestors' Slope.In the 2005 campaign, we have continued the research on the surface open in 2004, practically, on the area that yielded the human remains in the previous year.

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