Rowupdating in gridview not firing

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If I am clicking it once, its not working :( Here is the code where I am populating everything: public partial class Testing : System.

Hi, I have a dropdownlist column in gridview, which is databound. Take a look at these examples for your reference: Grid View Insert, Edit, Update and Delete – The Ado.

Thanks to all you for answer, but the examples posted aren't my case.

This could result in exceptions being swallowed (even though they are logged) and then the program can continue in an unknown state.

I don't want to show the edit label also I don't want to click on this edit In windows application programming it is possible ..

Hi all, I can't seem to find a post relating to the Row Updated event not firing.

I tried to put trace point on Row Updating event and click "Ok" button, but its not even triggered.

I assume, that problem could be in the same "Id" of Item Template and Edit Item Template lbl_first_fl. Or maybe how can i deal with it using different id's?

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