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‘At the age of 43, I’m at last being allowed into the 21st century’, he says.The renegade detective — down on his luck but too much of a macho anti-hero to admit it — is the ­creation of Wolverhampton-born author Michael Dibdin, who died in 2007.

I do think its offensive to dress up as a Nazi to get a laugh – well, unless you’re Mel Brooks.

I’m jet-lagged from…’ You stretch that out as long as you can.

I’m unemployed less now, but generally after I’ve done a really big and important job in my career, that’s when I’ve not worked for a long time.

“Matthew Warchus is directing and I’ll be working with Tim Key and Paul Ritter, two very wonderful actors.” He finds it perplexing how playing a Nazi has effectively revived his career, refusing to make any comparison between his own thoughtful portrayal and Prince Harry’s Nazi costume gaffe ten years ago.

“There’s a world of difference between this and dressing up as a Nazi at a party… There’s a taboo to parading up and down to get a laugh from your mates, which is not what I’m doing.

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